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Benefits Of Electronic-Cigarettes

With the advent of the electronic cigarette, the way that people smoke may be changed forever. The electronic cigarette provides an authentic smoking experience but without the smoke and associated health hazards that the smoke causes.

The lack of smoke is one major advantage that electronic cigarettes have over regular cigarettes but it’s not the only one. What are the other advantages? Well lets take a look at the some of the others.

No Smoke

The electronic cigarette produces a weak nicotine vapour, that imitates the smoke of a real cigarette, providing a real smoking sensation. This means you are free from the harmful chemicals, tar and carcinogens contained in tobacco smoke. The vapour that is produced quickly evaporates away

No Smell

Again as there is no smoke produced by the electronic cigarette, only an odourless vapour, you won’t smell like a stale ashtray. Similarly if you use it in your home your house and furnishings won’t smell of stale cigarette smoke, and nobody will complain of the smell.

Cheaper Than Real Cigarettes

Every year at budge time the tax is increased on cigarettes, with the cost of a pack of 20 coming in at around £6.00 at the moment, which is roughly the cost of a pack of 5 nicotine replacement cartridges. When you consider that the average cartridge is equivalent to between 10 & 15 real cigarettes you can see that this is a good saving.

Even on a low estimate just 10 cigarettes per cartridge that’s 2.5 packs of 20. So in monetary terms that’s 2.5 x £6 = £15 for real cigarettes or £6 for the equivalent in electronic cigarette cartridges, a saving of £9.00. How many cigarettes do you smoke a day 10, 20? I’ll let you do the maths.

Look Like The Real Thing

To the casual observer electronic cigarettes look just like the real thing so you won’t feel uncomfortable using them. You could mix with crowd of other smokers and they probably wouldn’t take a second look at you, although they may wonder why your cigarette never seems to burn down.

Can Be Used Anywhere

The principal reason for the smoking ban in enclosed public spaces is because of the harm that second hand smoke can cause to other people. Well as there is no flame needed to light the electronic cigarette, and there is no fire, it produces no second hand smoke, so can technically be smoked anywhere including pubs and restaurants. If you do use it indoors however, be prepared for disapproving stares and to be asked to put out the cigarette at frequent intervals.

If you do plan on using an electronic cigarette in public areas a lot you may want to take a look at the new alien 220w mod. It may help to stop all the disapproving looks and requests to put it out, as I’ve never seen a mod that glows with an enigma before.

No Fire Hazard

As mentioned previously the electronic cigarette does not need to be light from a naked flame and doesn’t burn so there is no fire risk with the electronic cigarette. If you drop it or fall asleep with it in your hand there is no risk of burning holes in carpets or soft furnishings going up in flames.

So as you can see electronic cigarettes have some major benefits over regular cigarettes, especially if you are like me and have tried to quit more than once without success. If you are struggling to quit because like me you actually enjoy smoking, then the electronic cigarette allows you to retain the smoking experience but without the cancer causing smoke, which will provide you and your family with some peace of mind knowing that you are using a healthier alternative. There you go yet another benefit.

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