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E-cigarettes as healthier alternative to smoking …

In a recent study in EurActiv France reports.about Electronic cigarettes  are 95% less harmful than any type of traditional cigarettes &  could be a healthy tool to help people to fight and quit smoking.

Is The Electronic Cigarette Really Safe?

E-cigarettes provide a controlled amount of nicotine which is inhaled by the user when needed. Much like a nicotine patch, the electronic cigarette helps smokers to quit while reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Since smokers can hold the imitation cigarette and experience the feeling and taste of smoking an actual cigarette, they are more likely to stick to the program. Unlike a regular cigarette which contains over 4,000 different chemicals, the e-cigarette contains only pure nicotine and does not produce smoke. Since experts do not believe that nicotine is a cancer-causing chemical in cigarettes, users do not have to worry about harming their health while using the product.

E-cigarettes smoking doesn’t produce any Cancer-causing Substances found in traditional smoking There is a very good reason why e-cigarettes are safer than any regular cigarettes: In the USA conventional cigarette manufacturers use 599 additives in their products that is approved by the FDA.

Here are the main chemical ingredients that causes cancer-

  • Arsenic – damages heart & blood vessel and causes cancer
  • Benzene- linked to human leukemia & also various forms of cancer
  • Cadmium- related to cancer & also damages arteries & kidneys
  • Formaldehyde- causes  cancer and also linked to nasal sinuses & leukemia
  • Tar-a mixture of harmful substances and chemicals that actually builds in the lungs
  • E-cigarettes don’t contain any substance that is risky related to e-cigs smoking, if any, are very limited.The EU’s Tobacco Products Directive recently  supported for refillable e-cigarettes should be considered as medicine.

There are lots of different electronic Cigarettes brands that offers different type of e cigarettes and customers have a choice of tobacco or menthol flavors.

E-Cigarettes alternatives to smoking for stress relief

Lower Your Anxiety with Smokeless Cigarettes

While taking a cigarette break, often smokers have to exit the office building and smoke outside in a predetermined area that is separated for smokers. This can add the the smokers feeling of separation from their piers and co-workers.

It may even lead to the smoker not being included in events and conversations that they otherwise would have been a part of. This condition of separation and segregation, solely because a person is a smoker, often impacts the smokers lives in a negative way.

They may worry about their social standing in the company or if they are perceived as goofing off while they go out fro a smoke break. It becomes one more, distinction that the smoker has to deal with and may not necessarily be a good one for their careers or social life.Too often the smoker has to plan their day around the activity of smoking. It becomes a necessary process to be sure they get their hit of nicotine and it impacts their lives significantly.

When driving, a smoker often plans their route to work in a way that they can have a couple of cigarettes while on route. Also, they often plan to stop off and buy a very expensive pack of cigarettes to be sure that they do not run out during their day.

Electronic Cigarettes Ease Your Mind

Subconsciously they are worried that they may be caught without their needed cigarette. While at work, they may watch the clock during the day to be sure they are ready to take their break so they can get outside long enough to get their needed nicotine hit.

They may even manage their workload in a way that they are not needed during the time they want to go have a cigarette. Smokers plan on the execution of the event. Cigarette ready, lighter ready, coat, hat, sunglasses etc. They know they only have a few minutes to execute their plan. This anxiety has become what the smoker must deal with in order to function throughout their day.

E cigarettes free the smoker of the unnecessary tasks and the anxiety, smokers have built into their lives, just so they can get nicotine. No longer is it necessary for the smoker to feel the anxiety of having a smoke.

E cigarette users report a reduced stress level in their workplace and in their social lives. This undoubtedly comes from the sense of freedom they can experience from using a smokeless cigarette almost any time and anywhere they want. Users of the e Cigarette can simply take a couple puffs while at their desk and not impact their co-workers. One significant point of relief for the electronic cigarette smoker is they do not feel the need to smoke for any length of time, like a smoker of a traditional cigarette.

When the e Cigarette user feels satisfied they simply turn off their electronic cigarette and continue their work without missing a beat. If they want to join their co-workers in a non-smoking coffee break they can do so and they don’t feel the anxiety of needing to go “out” for a smoke . They can be a part of a company program all the while knowing that if it goes on for several hours, they can simply enjoy a few puffs when they need too and not impact their co-workers or their productivity.

The continued growth of  electronic cigarette is having a positive side effect in reducing the anxiety that smokers experience in their everyday lives . Electronic cigarette smokers may now feel less like outsiders and more like the productive people and workers that they really are.

E-cigarettes as healthy smoking

Health Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette Same as When You Quit Smoking

To my personal experience and surprise, I felt better and healthier just after one week when I started and vaping my first e cigarette—oh this is i have started with five months ago. My personal research showed that the health and psychological benefits of switching my decision to the e cigarette, the ones I felt, are very similar to those of people who quit from smoking forever..So what it is .Here I have shared my health and mental state with Electronic Cigarette

Smoker’s Common Cough & Phlegm – No More 

Sense of Natrual Smell Back

Better Stamina & Cardio

Wheezing & Tightness Commonly Feel  in Chest -No More

t’s a great and healthy feeling where I am being able to breathe fresh and freely. In fact, the wheezing & the tightness that always I felt in my chest has completely gone which was the main reasons for me to start the electronic cigarette.

Are E-Cigarettes smoking alternatives to tobacco

Smoking is a huge problem for millions of Americans. According to the American Heart Association, over 18 percent of women and 23 percent of men smoke cigarettes. That means that there are a whopping 24.8 million male and 21.1 million female smokers living in the United States.

The majority of smokers are not happy with their addiction and want to break their destructive habit. Each year an estimated 17 million people try and search for smoking alternatives to tobacco for quit smoking, but only 1.3 million Americans are successful in maintaining a smoke-free lifestyle.

Smokers who use electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches or prescription medication to help them quit smoking increase their chance of achieving long-term success.

E-cigarette Helps Reduce Nicotine and work as an alternative to tobacco

Many people try quitting cold turkey, which is an uncomfortable process and difficult to maintain for more than a few days. Nicotine withdrawal can cause headaches, nausea, stomach cramps, sweating, sore throats, coughing and a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. Quitting takes much more than just sheer willpower; it also takes careful planning.

By researching the different ways to quit smoking, someone can choose the methods that best suit their lifestyle. The average person tries to quit smoking quite a few times before they become permanently smoke-free. Experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and the temptation created by other smokers are two of the main reasons people return to their old habit.

Nicotine withdrawal peaks after 48 hours and can last as long as six months. Most of the people who quit smoking find that their cravings begin to subside after 2 or 3 months. Chewing nicotine gum or inhaling nicotine with electronic cigarettes can significantly reduce cigarette withdrawal symptoms, giving someone the opportunity to succeed.

Many people are finding that the new e-cigarettes work well because they are different from any of the other aids on the market. The e-cigarette is the only product designed to give smokers the feeling of having an actual cigarette.

Alcohol Studies and University of Geneva’s Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine has conducted a join research and concluded that e-cigarettes are helpful in for eliminating tobacco use and helping smokers to quit their habit that is also recently approved by the British government’s drug regulatory authority found that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and recommended that they should be promoted as a tool to help people quit smoking.

Related Research on Cigarettes and Vaping, a Healthier Alternative to Smoking::

Flavoring substance predominantly present in E-cigs was cinnamaldehyde, which is approved for food use

Cinnamaldehyde (040506) Fact Sheet  [Environmental Protection Agency, 2000].Flavoring substance predominantly is in E-cigs was cinnamaldehyde, which is actually safe and approved for food use.The levels of cinnamaldehyde found to be cytotoxic were about 400 times lower than those currently approved for use in  E-Cigarettes

Elemental Impurities limit  [US Pharmacopeia, 2013].explores that an average  E-Cigarettes user would be exposed to 4–40 times lower amounts for most metals than the maximum daily dose allowance from impurities in medicinal products

Electronic cigarettes: an evaluation of exposure to chemicals and fine particulate matter (PM). where Pellegrino & his research colleagues found that, for particulate matter fraction- any conventional cigarettes released 6 to18 times higher amounts then E-Cigarettes

Deep research articles for you to further study –

American Chemistry Council (2003) Ethylene Glycols: Considerations Against Use in Theatrical Fogs/Mist and Artificial Smoke.

Evaluating nicotine levels selection and patterns of electronic cigarette use in a group of “vapers” who had achieved complete substitution of smoking.

Electronic nicotine delivery systems: international tobacco control four-country survey.

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