E-Cigs & Box Mod Vapes: Common Questions, Answers, & Misconceptions

The use of electronic cigarettes has been increasing throughout the United States, as people look for cessation methods and alternatives to traditional smoking. Unfortunately, this new activity, most commonly known as vaping, has not yet been fully embraced by the public; the majority of non-smokers and smokers alike, may have unanswered questions and possibly incorrect ideas about e-cigs.

It is also important to realize the FDA currently does not have a strong standpoint on vaping, and provides very little information. Therefore, this article will attempt to answer common questions and provide a firm foundation of knowledge for those interested in possibly trying out a vaporizer.

#1 – What is the difference between traditional smoking and using a vape pen or box mod?

Traditional smoking uses combustion, a person smoking a regular cigarette will light the end of it, and inhale smoke and close to 4,000 other chemicals, some of which may be carcinogens.  E-cigarettes, such as the vape pen and a box mod vape , utilize an atomizer in order to heat up flavored e-liquids with different nicotine contents. By heating up substances with-out generating smoke, this eliminates the thousands of harmful chemicals; in fact, it’s estimated that e-cigs contain only 4-5 chemicals, and possibly even less if you elect to vape a liquid that is nicotine free.

#2 – Don’t vaporizers cost lots of money? Which is more expensive traditional smoking or vaping?

Buying one pack of cigarettes in the gas station can range anywhere from $6 to $13 depending on what state you’re located in. Assuming that a person smokes a pack a day at $7 a pack, this will cost close to $2,400 a year, that’s a hefty price for a small habit. Comparing this annual fee to someone that’s vaping, the initial price to buy a decent box mod vape such as the VAIO 75W TC MOD is $114.95, and a large e-liquid bottle of 30ml costs about $19.99. It’s important to note that this size container is the equivalent of about 15 packs of cigarettes. Doing a quick math calculation, that’s at least $1,800 in savings- in short, vaping is the cheaper option.

#3 – Smoking is banned everywhere. Is vaping also banned in public areas?

Society has been making a steady movement in the direction of being smoke free. People have become more conscientious of their health and environment, and a direct result of this phenomenon was the banning of smoking in every public area imaginable. These restrictions have seriously put a damper on people’s ability to actually enjoy a cigarette. Vaping, on the other hand, does not produce smoke. There are currently very few bans on vaping- this means, it’s allowed almost everywhere, including restaurants, bars, movie theaters, parks, and even in select hospitals.

#4 – What kind of odor does vaping produce?

Many people find the smell of cigarettes disgusting, and those who have particularly sensitive noses may even be wary of the lingering after odor. The problem with cigarettes is smoke has both a distinctive and distasteful smell. One of the pros of switching to a vaporizer is the elimination of this aroma.

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