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Electronic Cigarette China

Several answers to bad old habits are coming out in the market, including the much-talked about electronic cigarette China. With more people now at a certain level of health-risk due to the various factors that are continually changing in the environment, it is advisable to try cutting down on the more harmful habits in life.

Since their explosion in earlier years, the electronic cigarette has come a long way from the prototype versions. The specifications that have been made over the years have allowed the existing models to be more useful to smoking individuals.

The advantage of an e cigarette China over traditional cigarettes is that they are non-carcinogenic. In traditional tobaccos, there are a lot of ingredients that can cause considerable damage to one’s lungs in the long run. The smoker only inhales nicotine vapor, and is spared from the tar, tobacco, and at least 400 more ingredients that is commonly found in cigarettes.

Not only are you saving yourself from the debilitating effects of the toxins in traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette China also enables people to do their part in lessening their harmful contributions to the environment.

With traditional cigarettes, you are doing two acts that can harm the environment. There is the pollution that comes from the smoke of the cigarette, and then there is also the cigarette butts that people tend to throw anywhere in their surroundings—even in the bodies of water near the streets. The electronic cigarette will minimize these kinds of pollution to make sure that both the people and the environment will be safe from harm.

There are number of electronic cigarette China brands that can be found and bought online. The brand may be dependent on the needs and the preferences of each smoker. However, there are three main brands that one can choose from. The first company to introduce the electronic cigarette to consumers is the Golden Dragon Group Ltd with their Ruyan cigarettes. It is one of the first e cigarette China brands to come out in the market.

Just like most electronic cigarettes, Ruyan is battery-powered and retains the shape of normal tobacco. However, it delivers nicotine to smokers within seven to ten seconds. Most of the time, nicotine replacement methods like chewing gum, patches, medications, hypnotherapy, lozenges or even will power have proven to be ineffective, especially for long-time smokers, which is why the Golden Dragon Group Ltd came up with this product.

One of the large players in the industry of manufacturing electronic cigarettes is the China Huizhou Kimree or simply Kimree. They have a wide range of products which include the electronic cigarette China, the e-cigar, the e-pipe, as well as the accessories for these products.

With a large, modernized factory and modern management methods, the Kimree goods are one of the quality products. One of their latest releases is the Kimree Ice Vapor electronic cigarette. Aside from giving a cool feeling in the mouth, the Ice Vapor also does not contain any nicotine or cancerous toxins.

Another e cigarette China brand is Esco’s line of “Ewin” Brand E Cigarette. This particular brand has a variety of shapes and types of e-cigarettes in its product list. There is the latest design of the 1300 mAh E Cigarette Kit, which features a longer-lasting battery power. There is also the eWin Mega Electronic Cigarette 1300 mAh which is 138 mm in length and 18.5 mm in diameter.

Lessen your chances of getting harmful effects from smoking traditional cigarettes. The modern age calls for a more modern solution to the smoking habit and that is the electronic cigarette China.

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