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How to Save Money By Using A Water Vapor Smoking Device

A water vapor smoking device is a device that looks and feels similar to a traditional cigarette. The water vapor cigarette delivers water vapor infused with nicotine; this vapor looks and feels like real smoke – without the harmful side effects.

There are many advantages to using electronic cigarettes over real cigarettes and many people have made the switch to electronic cigarettes and never looked back. Some basic advantages to using the vapor cigarettes over a traditional ones include: saving time, money and the ability to freely smoke where you choose. Let’s take a deeper look into the advantages of using a water vapor cigarette instead of “the real thing.”

Save Money By Using A Water Vapor Cigarette

Smoking a water vapor cigarette can save you a ton of money in the long run. With cigarette prices on the rise you can end up paying thousands of dollars a year for your habit. In my town the cheapest cigarettes cost $6.35 at the supermarket.

A pack a day smoker would spend $2,317.75 a year if they only purchased their cigarettes from this store. However, if they purchased their cigarette packs down the street where they cost $7.50 they would spend a whopping $2,737.50 a year – just on cigarettes! Smoking cigarettes comes at a great financial expense, and a decade of smoking can put you out for the cost of a new car.

According to Green Smoke you can use their vapor cigarette for one year and smoke the equivalent of one pack a day and all of this will only cost you $548 (for the year) in cartridges. This means you could save $1,769.75 a year or more if you made the switch to water vapor cigarettes. Over the course of a decade you could save $17,697.50 or more as cigarette prices rise and you could buy yourself a new car!

Besides the financial turmoil of smoking convenience is a big issue as well. When you smoke traditional cigarettes you have to drive to the store, usually wait in a line, then buy a pack of cigarettes and drive home. Even if this only took you 15 minutes a day it would take up 91 hours of your time throughout the year.

You would literally be wasting days of your life running to go get cigarettes. The same does not hold true when you use an electronic cigarette. When using water vapor cigarettes you can purchase the cartridges or liquid online and have it shipped right to your house. This is much more convenient for the person with a busy lifestyle.

According to Wikipedia 44 of the top 60 most populated cities in the United States have enacted some form of smoking ban which covers all bars and restaurants. If you’re a smoker this is a real drag on your lifestyle. While many places have outlawed smoking cigarettes, you still have the ability to smoke a water vapor cigarette in most of these places (if not all).

Using a water vapor cigarette can really make you more comfortable in a public place. Could you imagine going to a bar, having a few drinks with friends, and then not being able to smoke?

However, if you had a water vapor cigarette you could legally use it in places where smoking bans occur. Furthermore, electronic cigarettes tend to spark curiosity in others and they are a great conversation starter.

Since electronic cigarettes have not been out on the market for a long time many people don’t even know they exist. Having a water vapor cigarette is a great conversation piece. Plus you will be able to smoke where others can’t!

In conclusion smoking a water vapor cigarette over a traditional one just make sense. You can have the ability to be free, have more time to do the things you want, have more money to spend on yourself and feel better in general. Not to mention you will have a really cool conversation starter and possess a unique item amongst your peers. If your looking to buy a water vapor cigarette please take a look at our section on Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes.


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