What is an Electronic Cigarette (e-cigarette)?
An electronic cigarette (or “e-cigarette”) is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. It is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.

Does it have nicotine?
The short answer is yes. When you smoke Electronic Cigarettes, you inhale nicotine just as you would with traditional cigarettes. However, you do have the option to buy refill cartridges without nicotine; just choose Zero Strength when making your purchase.

Why smoke Electronic Cigarettes? What are they made for?
There are many reasons people smoke Electronic Cigarettes, including: The ability to smoke them anywhere. With Electronic Cigarettes, you can smoke anywhere you want – whether outside or indoors. There are no odors, ashes or second- hand smoke. That means that the no-smoking laws don’t apply to Electronic Cigarettes.

The health benefits:

Traditional cigarettes contain thousands of cancer-causing agents; some are added by cigarette companies, others occur naturally when tobacco is burned. But with Electronic Cigarettes, the only thing you inhale is nicotine.

The hygienic reasons. Many smokers love the fact that Electronic Cigarettes enable them to smoke without smelling like an ash tray or turning their fingers and teeth yellow.

Are Electronic Cigarettes products safe?
Electronic Cigarettes products contain only non cancer-causing ingredients; specifically: Water, Propylene glycol (FDA approved food additive found in mouthwash, food color, and flavorings), and Nicotine

Doesn’t nicotine cause cancer?
No. Although it’s addictive, nicotine is not the substance that makes traditional cigarettes so unhealthy.

Are Electronic Cigarettes “fake?”
Electronic Cigarettes are not fake – they’re just different from what smokers and non-smokers are used to. With Electronic Cigarettes, you inhale real nicotine and get the same satisfaction that you would from tobacco cigarettes. The “smoke” you see when you exhale is actually a harmless water vapor that looks like cigarette smoke.

What is an “atomizer cartridge?” The Electronic Cigarettes atomizer cartridge looks like the filter of a tobacco cigarette. It contains the nicotine, flavoring, and water-gel, as well as an atomizer. The atomizer heats the ingredients to generate the “smoke” when you inhale and exhale. Cartridges are available in different nicotine strengths and flavors.

What flavors are available?
For a truly flavorful smoking experience, Electronic Cigarettes cartridges are available in: Tobacco or Menthol. We choose not to offer flavored cartridges, as we are acting responsibly and marketing only to current smokers. “Candy” flavors typically attract underage smokers.

How long will one cartridge last?
One cartridge gives you the equivalent of about 70 traditional cigarettes.

How do I know when to replace a cartridge?
When less vapor is released as you inhale and exhale (on a fully charged battery), it’s time for a new cartridge. (If fewer vapors are released even after you’ve replaced the cartridge, it’s time to recharge the battery.)

Do I need a lighter? Do I need to turn on Electronic Cigarettes?
No. You don’t need a lighter, and there’s nothing to turn on. It’s automatically activated with use, so simply puff your Electronic Cigarettes and enjoy!

How long will the battery last before needing to be recharged?
The long battery gives you up to 600 puffs per charge.

Will Electronic Cigarettes help me quit smoking?
We have chosen not to conduct the clinical studies necessary for FDA approval as a “smoking cessation device”. These studies alone cost nearly $5 million and take 4 years to complete, this action would increase our product cost ten fold. That’s not to say, however, that they can’t help you quit. Although Electronic Cigarettes products aren’t marketed or sold as smoking cessation devices, you could try staging yourself down from the higher nicotine-strength cartridges to lower nicotine cartridges – and eventually to the zero-strength cartridge.

Outside of the U.S., many countries with Universal Healthcare have eliminated nicotine patches, gums, and sprays, and have opted for electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation.

What is the “smoke” released by inhaling and exhaling?
The smoke from Electronic Cigarettes is actually a harmless water vapor. It looks like cigarette smoke, but has no odor and doesn’t harm others around you. It also won’t stain your teeth, furniture or walls.

Are Electronic Cigarettes for everyone?
Electronic Cigarettes should only be used by adults (age 18+), and pregnant women should avoid using them.
How much can I save by smoking Electronic Cigarettes versus traditional cigarettes?
A typical one pack per day smoker:
Traditional cigarettes cost approximately $6.00 per pack * 365 days per year = $2,190.00
Electronic Cigarettes Starter Kit = $89.95 (one time fee, includes two 3-pk cartridges) plus cartridges at approximately $1.00 per day * 365 days per year = $454.95
We can save you $1735.05 in your first year!

Can the Electronic Cigarettes really be used in non-smoking areas?
As this product is free of both first and second hand smoke, and is by no means a traditional tobacco cigarette, you should be free to smoke Electronic Cigarettes in most areas that don’t typically permit smoking.