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What to Consider Before Choosing The best Electronic cigarettes ?


Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes and of various qualities making it hard to
choose or know which electronic cigarette is best for you. This lens exists for the purpose of providing you with enough information to make the right choice when buying your first E-Cigarette. This lens will also be useful for those of you that have been using a lesser brand of electronic cigarette and want to upgrade but need a little extra information first. After many hours of research and sampling I believe to have found some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. 

Before buy and select the best vaporizer it is essential to know what Is an Electronic Cigarette?

Basic Components Of An E-Cigarette


The most common Electronic Cigarettes or Personal Vaporizers as they are sometimes referred to, are of either the 3 piece or 2 piece design. The parts that make up the cigarette are the battery, the atomiser & the cartridge (cartomiser). The atomizer is what vapourises the E-Liquid in the cartridge when you inhale which then releases a vapour mainly consisting of water, nicotine and glycol. The glycol being a food additive found in many food stuffs. It is the glycol that is used as a carrier for the nicotine and which gives the impression and feeling of smoking a real cigarette but without the 4000 carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Because there is no harmful smoke and no danger of passive smoking it is not legal to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places.

With the two piece design the atomizer is built into the cartridge, hence the name cartomiser, which is the most popular of the two. You can buy the cartomisers and e-liquid in various flavors and strength of nicotine, you can also buy them with 0 nicotine if you intend to stop completely.

To charge the electronic cigarette simply plug it into your PC with the USB adapter provided, alternatively you can use the mains adapter also provided with most packages.Usually, a starter kit will include a wall charger or a USB charger. While the components of an electronic cigarette are generally made well it is advised to “double up” on some of your parts. After all if a part breaks you will need to order a new one online. Many e-cigarette manufacturers will provide warranty’s on their product and give you multiple batteries and or atomizers.

Before Buying, Always Remember the Following…

a) 2 batteries will make you happy vape
b). 5 cartridges will be in your order
c). Looks versus substance that means appearance versus better throat hit- choice as your are?
d). USB charger & mains car adapter charger could easy come in handy
e). Do you care & value warranty?

Do you know there are many types of it?

Types of E-cigarettes-

Rechargeable e-cigs
Disposable e-cigs
The eGo
Personal vaporizers (PV or Mod)
Electronic Cigar (E-cigar)

5 Things To Consider Before Buying E-Cigarettes

Where to buy?


Best Quality

Save Money:


There are new brands of smokeless cigarettes popping up almost everyday. While this may create a competitive industry which can be good for the consumer in the future it is currently a bit confusing. You want to make sure you purchase an electronic cigarette from one of the leading companies in the industry. Make sure the company has a warranty or money back guarantee on their product. Also try to check the online reputation of the electronic cigarette company – see if people have posted reviews about them. Lastly, when you get your electronic cigarette have fun with it!


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